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Multi Colour Mix

2 Komponenten PUR Kanten Vergussanlage

2 Component PUR Edge Casting Machine

  • 2- Component low pressure casting equipment for PUR Edge casting

  • 8 colour Pigment injection direct into the mixing head

  • Easy, fast and 100% residue free colour changing

  • Automatic and 100% residue free Cleaning of the colour line with biological cleaning agent

  • Minimal cleaning agent wastage

  • 30 Ltr. stainless steel tanks, level control, agitator and heating blanket

  • Automatic refilling for material tanks

  • High precision metering pumps powered by servo motors, flowrate up to 100 g/s

  • Electronic adjusted and controlled mixing ratio

  • 3 component mixing head with static mixer

  • Automatic flushing for mixing head



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